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Who We Are

About TopKick Martial Arts - Purcellville in Purcellville, VA

John Cassidy

Founder at TopKick Martial Arts - Purcellville in Purcellville, 5th Degree Black Belt

Discover the Benefits – parties, kid's activities, super useful self-defense techniques and so much more!

TopKick's focuses on providing a positive, yet challenging martial art and fitness environment for all of our members – this has been crucial in our ability to create dynamic programming you won't find anywhere else! Are you ready to take your training to the next level, looking for a well-rounded school for your family to grow and learn in, or simply ready to face life head on? You'll get more than kicks and punches here.

We provide a support system like no other. We were once beginners just like you so we know…

…taking the first steps in advancing your martial arts training, getting physically fit, or even finding an outlet for your child's wonderful bursts of energy can be challenging. We've worked hard to make that change a phenomenal experience for you and your family.

Martial arts is not quick or easy but itisfun, action-packed, and a great way to get fit! You'll learn new, challenging fitness moves, epic self-defense techniques, and make tons of friends. But you won't get any of those amazing benefits until you start coming to class!

This is what the majority of our new members struggle with the most, just getting through the front door. We cannot stress this enough, we are here to support you and make your experience worthwhile. We have dedicated our lives to martial arts and are honored to pass our knowledge on to you.

No matter what your current fitness level is, we can help you reach your goals and unleash your full potential. Below are a few ways we make sure your transition into the dynamic world of martial arts is as life-enriching as possible.

Convenient Scheduling – more class times and options than anywhere else!

  • SummerCamp Program
  • A+ AfterSchool Program
  • Flexible Membership Options

Classes are offered Monday through Saturday from early day to late evening; each class is about 50 minutes long.

Motivational & Goal Oriented Classes Kick You Into High Gear!Traditional Taekwondo classes for adults, families, and children are goal oriented and motivational.You'll find a nice balance of centuries old traditions combined with innovative and really fun ways to help you reach your goals.

Rock Solid Values with YOU in Mind.Upholding the integrity of our schools, its members, and the time-honored traditions of martial arts is everything to us.

Here are some of the values we live by:

  • We have fun!
  • We are healthy in mind, body & spirit.
  • We embrace challenge & celebrate victories.
  • We communicate openly & honestly with kindness.
  • We hold ourselves, and each other, accountable for our attitude & actions.
  • We provide a clean & safe environment for our team, members & everyone we serve.
  • We honor our martial art's tradition and build on its legacy.
  • We are financially responsible & fiscally fit.
  • We are relentless in our learning and growth.
  • We contribute to our community.

Convenience, professionalism, flexible memberships, proven curriculum, and a positive atmosphere are crucial elements in staying motivated through training. So guess what – we provide that to you in spades!

TopKick's first school (KingsPark) still serves theSpringfield, Burke, andFairfaxareas and is TopKick's largest school. Over the years TopKick's has grown to five schools serving theNorthern Virginiaarea. Combined, the schools proudly serve over 1,500 students, and have well over 200 Black Belts.

We strive to empower human potential and spark the adventure of self-discovery while making the world a better place. Everyday.Be sure to check out our amazingly-low web special on this site, or stop by for a tour of the facility! We can't wait to empower your potential and see how fast you grow with us!

Mr. Kevin Cassidy is the owner and Senior Instructor of Topkick's Purcellville. He is a 2nd degree Black Belt and looks forward to many more years of teaching, sharing his knowledge with students, and watching them grow.

Master John Cassidy, TopKick's Founder

Master John Cassidy founded TopKick's after realizing the martial arts were a perfect fit for him both personally and professionally. Master Cassidy began his martial arts career in 1988 and quickly excelled in grasping the physical aspects. Perhaps most importantly, the spirit of continual improvement that was a part of his training really made an impact. That spirit continues today in every TopKick's school.

In 1998 Master Cassidy was among the first in the D.C. metro area to begin offering after school and summer camp programs. Today these programs work to deliver traditional Taekwondo benefits in positively unique ways.

Over the years Master Cassidy and his staff have worked to create a Taekwondo based education that is truly unique in its substance and delivery.

How to Get Started

Come join our Purcellville, VA Martial Arts facility! We offer programs in After School, Summer Camp, Kids Martial Arts, Kickboxing, and Birthdays. Choose a program that most interests you and have the opportunity to sign-up right here on our site for one of our awesome web specials. Or feel free to give us a call at (540) 338-2888 if you have any further questions. TopKick Martial Arts - Purcellville hopes to speak with you soon!